dimanche 15 décembre 2013

Helambu Trek

This van was stuck in the mud and they asked my mom and I, and Om, our guide, to help them push it out of it. Nice first work out to begin our trek!

I could talk with a few people about arranged marriage and it seems love marriages are getting more common. And there's a great number of kids going to school as well, kids who have amazing English!! Keep going like this Nepal!

First night in Chisopani, some kids were dancing for 7 or 8 hours to get some pocket money..and Coke and Fanta !

So we joined them....

Mom and our guide "Om"

Getting a tika from Om

Lovely mommy!

English class!

Election Election.... "How to vote" instructions

Nepali style


or without fog.

Communist Party poster

the highest point we slept at, 3400m

Made it to the top!!

Scary bridge...

Little boy from a Tea House going to school

Big Prayer Wheel in a tiny village

Our last stop before going back to Kathmandu

Delicious Dalh Bat

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