lundi 9 décembre 2013

Trip to Lumbini after my stay at Happy Home

Thai temple, always the nicest!

German Temple

Maya Devi Temple, birth place of Buddha

Back in Kathmandu

Yes women need their urinals too!!

Garden of Dreams, a little haven

Typical swing from Nepal, usually built for Dashain or Tihar, two big festivals

First visit to the Orphanage where my Mom's sponsorchild lives

Mishan ( my mom's sponsor child), Rajendra and Arun


Mummy has arrived!!

Petite dedicace au Baskin Robbins du Cours Mirabeau, souvenir de mes 10 ans!

La Stupa de Maman, on l'a retrouve 30 ans apres!!



Festival Tihar, tout le monde decore sa maison!

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