samedi 1 février 2014

Bali !!!

Kuala Lumpur Airport, dear Ronald, he is so caring!

Bali Airport

First sunset at Ulu Watu

That is NOT's around 5euros...

Un peu dingue, hein?

Nusa Lembok, nice island off Bali

First real sunbathing....nice beach and beautiful water.

On the way to Ubud, motorcycle full of Ban Bao!! Couldn't find them anywhere after this

Nice treat in Ubud

Best burrito I 've ever had, Ubud

Ubud's rice fields

Sweet Sally with whom I spent my time in Ubud.

Ceremony with traditionnal songs and music

I met the guy who wrote that afterwards and he said he was very proud because everyday many tourists take a picture!

Look who's back! Someone saw I was taking pictures of myself with Ronald and offered to take I had to make a smiley face but the point who more like the one below:

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